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They are usually a freelancer who runs their own business. Like a contractor you hire around the home, a VA works for a client for a fee. They are not an employee of the client


Freelancers offer a wide variety of services, from administrative tasks to more complex tasks like Transcription, bookkeeping, website management & social media management.


Virtual Assistants may be charged hourly, a fixed price per project, or offered a pre-paid package for your tasks.


Virtual Assistants work remotely, so don’t meet with their clients in person. However, will keep a client up-to-date on a job’s progress by phone, email, text or Skype.


Virtual Assistants may work with numerous clients at any one time and will have hours scheduled in their calendar for different clients and their tasks.



You know that sound bees make? Humans also have that.
In our day and time, it sounds like keyboards clacking, mouse clicking and paper shuffling.
It’s the 9 to 5 sound of the corporate earth we live in.

In Virtual Assistance, we also have that.

Well, except, it’s virtually silent. 

You just tell us what you need, how and when you need it,

and it will be delivered to you.


When you have a business to run, and you have clients to connect to, sometimes there are tasks you need to delegate -- and that is where Virtual Assistants come in. We will help your team complete the necessary work that needs to be done while you focus on propagating your ideas and building your company up.

Like an extra pair of hands or extra desk away from your office, freelancers work with you and your team to finish your To-Do lists.

Our mission is to help clients achieve their goals and hit their milestones with fortitude, excellence and uprightness, while providing the best quality results with every task.

In Virtual Buzz, We'll be the busy bee while on your flourishing business!

Check our services and portfolios or send us a message for a quick chat!

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Loc.:   Manila, Philippines

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